J P Slidewell


J P Slidewell
JP Slidewell is a FOLK singer who possess the talent to play folk songs in a unique and wonderful way.
He adopts an approach to folk music that sets him apart from his contemporaries through refreshingly original arrangements, beautifully poised searing traditional ballads, mixed with traditional songs incorporating chorus's and stories steeped in folk music.

In 2006 he released his 1st LP 'From Light to Darkness' and this was very well received, giving an excellent and true representation of his live performance  as it was all recorded live!
Very soon after he was featured on a couple of radio shows and later the same year released his 2nd LP 'As it Happens!'  consisting of songs from these radio sessions and other live performance recordings. This 2nd LP received even more plaudits, enhancing JP's profile, and again showing JP to be an exciting and vibrant performer and interpreter of folk songs and ballads.
He also released the much acclaimed and written about JP Slidewell - 'Spread the Word!' - which raised his profile around the folk scene and acheived the 'Big thumbs up' from fROOTS mag - even though it was only a strictly LTD Edition 6 track EP of purely traditional music - recorded live and direct using just one condenser mic and straight onto CD - ie with no mixing, remixing or any studio wizardry!
He is now planning to release his 3rd 'difficult and much delayed' LP which continues his on going interest and thirst for performing more and more traditional folk songs! This CD will be available in strictly ltd edition format and will only available from JP by mail order, at selacted specialist retail stores and at clubs and festivals  or just call him for a copy!

"The command and singing are note perfect and the music is full of passion and emotion. If there is is any justice we'll be hearing a lot more about JP" Rock 'n' Reel Magazine

"JP is establishing himself as a traditional singer of some power & emotion ... with first class songs and damn fine tunes" Folk Buzz "A tremendous slice of action. In the case of JP I hear a singer who can sing a traditional song as well as anyone" City Life Magazine

"JP is a balladeer who will stop you in your tracks... He has that rare independent qualitity that blessed for example the great West Country Balladeer Tony Rose. He unfolds songs unacompanied or with his guitar - his words ringing clear, their elements emotionally weighted and perfectly judged" Wheaton Aston Folk Festival .

''JP sings with both energy and emotion and the music is delivered with a characteristic vereve which should make a live performance particularly exciting" Tykes Folk News

"JP manages to inject an atmospheric quality and demonstrate excellent tonality, illustrating that instruments are not always vital or indeed necessary, but add richness the style of the arrangements and catchy refrains lead to a impulsive desire to sing along". Heather Butt (What's Afoot folk mag)

"Quite honestly I think JP's got a hell of a lot to offer (and not least in terms of artistic integrity) and the buzz from around the scene is favourable and encouraging  so give him a listen when you get a chance!" Dave Kidman (fROOTS magazine)

"JP Slidewell is an extemely talented singer/guitarist with his roots firmly in the tradition. Singing unacompanied or with superb guitar accompaniment he concentrates on great story songs. Don't miss him, you're in for a treat!" Angie Bladen (The Four Fools Folk Festival).

JP Slidewell is available all year round to play 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere!'  'Have guitar (and voice!) will travel!'

For more details and how to book JP Slidewell please contact

Lynne Barnes

Tel 01270 628041 Mobile 077 900 82523

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