Steve Stapley

Steve Stapley

Born in London, England, Steve spent 4 years as a writer and recording artist at DJM. In 1974 Steve and Richard Markstein (Stapley Markstein) toured the UK promoting their album An Expensive Pacific Ocean Cruise, accompanied by Pete Brown on percussion. Pete, who has been a life-long friend, wrote the lyrics to most of Creams greatest hits.

In his extreme youth Steve played folk clubs in the Richmond area and gigged with Alexis Korner. He left London in the 1980's to write and perform in Los Angeles, where he was a house writer with L.E.M. America. Whilst with LEM, Steve wrote songs and music for a handful of movies. Steve fronted several bands in LA and worked with Mike Post of The Rockford Files theme (and a million others) fame. Emotive, intelligent lyrics and beautiful melodies are the hallmark of Steve's work.

He has also written, co-produced and, together with his wife, singer, songwriter, voice/over artist and radio presenter Lynda Hayes (the voice of myriad TV jingles including: Toys R Us, Coca Cola, Irn Bru and the Jimll Fix it theme) performed on Sleepy Old Town, an award winning CD of lullabies and songs of childhood.
Steve has also written and sung on many jingles and wrote the English lyrics to five songs on Johnny Hallydays gold album En VQ. He also wrote the English lyrics to a French number one single of Johnnys, Casualty of Love. Steve vocals for the movie and subsequent soundtrack album, Evita and worked with the director Alan Parker recording guide vocals for Antonio Banderas.

Clean picked open-tuned guitar and a husky voice that has the grit of experience rubbed in it; Steve has been around  in fact, I had a strong feeling I had encountered him somewhere back down the road - his songs reflecting some low-life times in the States, spinning off Bukowksi, as it were, whom he name-checks. Joined by Lynda Hayes for a couple of numbers, one, Edward Earl Johnson, an impassioned outburst against capital punishment. Skillful stuff....

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