Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins


Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins
Available November and May in UK


I am a Teacher, Musician, Sound Engineer and Storyteller

Recent Recordings:
Oliver Schroer, Jon Brooks, Jeff Martin, Michael Cavan, Loreena McKennit, Julian Lloyd Weber, Lorraine Jordan
"How music works" Rhythm (Channel 4, (U.K.) Nov 25th 2006 8pm) (Tiger Aspect Productions) Howard Goodall Loreena McKennitt "Nights at the Alhambra" PBS CBC radio Monday, January 15, 2007, 8:45 p.m Outfront CBC Radio One

Instruments played:
Uilleann pipes, Border pipes, English Pipes, Whistles and Low Whistles, Flutes, duduk, Clarinets, Ney, Various World music Instruments, Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Bouzouki, Other world music Strings, Bodhran, Dumbeq, Darbuka, Djembe, Tar, Bendir, Tambourine, Req, Egyptian Tabla, Dholak, Dhole, Congas.

I have worked with many top artists including:
The Afro-celts, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Gary Barlow, Uriah Heep, Loreena McKennett, Il Divo, Julian Lloyd Weber, Pete Lockett, Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, John Kirkpatrick, Broderick, Luke Daniels, Lorraine Jordan Sin É, Linn Tilla, Anne Lister, Eileen McGann, Band of Hope, Lammas, Tim Garland, Brian Willoughby from the Strawbs, Jeff Martin, James Keelaghan, Art Turner, John O'Connor (Startrekkin!) and yes Michael Flatly.

As a Session Musician and /or Producer:
All styles Hip Hop, Trip hop, Garage, Classical, Rock, Jazz, World music, Irish Traditional Singer Songwriter, Ambient, you name it .

I was, sadly, unavailable for some wonderful people such as Page and Plant, Tory Amos (wedding), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dave Stuart, and U2 who I had to turn down!

I have worked in over twenty countries and recorded on over eighty albums, choreographed at the Lincoln Center N.Y. , arranged music for, and appeared in the popular T.V. series Friends - the one with Ross' wedding (in England) and the Des O'Connor show, as a musician with Michael Flatly.

A session player for adverts ranging from Obsession to Chicken Kiev! Session musician for Earth Final Conflict and Relic Hunter, Howard Goodalls new show "How music works" Bsky B, Channel 4 CBS BBC.

I have been an agent, session fixer and music festival consultant.

I am author of The Bodhran book, The Bodhran DVD and the Low Whistle book - all best sellers

The Low Whistle DVD will be out Autumn 07

Steafan Hannigan MySpace Page



"What do I do? Bowed Strings ….. play them - teach them!"

I have been playing 25 years, I am currently in Ontario, Canada.

I love music - if it's good, then its good whatever style or genre. I play whatever - classically trained with a folk background and a jazz degree, I can read well, improvise in most styles and be a chameleon or an individual, whatever is required.

I teach privately, gig a lot & call dances at ceilidhs / barndances.

l have a lovely instrument made by Christopher Rowe, Isle-of-White in 1997. I use a Bridge 5 string electric for noisy gigs (Robb Johnson aging punk-band for instance), a for less loud but manic gigs & jazz gigs, I think the pick-up sound quality beats most other piezzo's into a cocked hat; & for 'accoustic' gigs a headway band - it wraps around my nice accoustics body with velcro and is amazing! My violin just got louder, makes life easier than sitting very still playing through a microphone.

I love this because it has a deep, soulful, sexy sound - apparently my viola is Russian but there's no label.

Had the opportunity to learn cello whilst on a 6 month "Beowulf" tour with the "English Shakespeare Company" borrowed from another teacher - amazing jazz   ethno-musician Stuart Hall. Found MY cello in a shop in Belgium for £400 " bargain, all bruised and tattered, had it fixed and it's beautiful.

my lasted acquisition - I have coveted these instruments for 10 years since discovering them at the festival St. Chartiere in France. I was lent one recently, learnt to play it properly (the challenge set by the lender was can I play the hornpipe 'Beeswing' - and I can - now!) These instruments have a wow factor so if you don't know them - check it out.

To hear examples of my eclectic playing, go to:

Saskia Tomkins MySpace Page

Donna Whitlock's MySpace Page and listen to "ulala"

Robb Johnson's MySpace Page


  • Playing as part of house band for Canadian Aboriginal Awards. My main band at the moment is LinnTilla I love it - sort of folk/beats/chillout crossover thing for dancing and, well, dancing to.

  • I play duos with Steafan Hannigan who plays every instrument wierd and wonderful - the list is endless...nothing bowed...yet so I am safe for the moment.

  • Recorded album of experimental, impressionistic pictures music with percussionist Donna Whitlock - just released

  • Played and recorded with a lot of singer/songwriters: Robb Johnson (, George Papovgeris, Sonja Kristina (Curved Air), Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker) and many more......also done sessions for Uriah Heep (are they still going - yes, brilliantly!), Ron Korb, and am on Relic Hunter soundtrack.

  • Have had the good fortune recently to perform with John Etheridge, Gary Potter and John Wheatcroft - all mighty fine jazz guitarists - playing Grappelli-style gigs. - Recently had a track co-written by Declan Flynn aka Al-pha-x, played twice on Classic FM's late night chill programme. ..

To Book Steafan and Saskia contact

Lynne Barnes
AmandaLynne Music
68 The Beeches,

Tel 01270 628041 Mobile 077 900 82523

E-mail: Lynne

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Photos courtesy of Kent Folk
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