RUNE is a relatively new four piece group playing music from each of the respective members eclectic mix of Irish, Northern English, and French traditional music !  
From the stunning, beautiful vocals of Cindy Pascher, to amazing percussion and Bodhran playing from Brittanys leading percussionist 'Hopi' Hopkins, to rare tunes from Lancashire and sureal 'wow factor' circular breathing on the wooden flute from Chris Dawson, to 'whizz kid' fiddler Camille Raibaud...RUNE really does deliver something different and refreshing.
RUNE are:

Cindy Pascher - Vocals, Cromorne
David 'Hopi' Hopkins - Bodhran, world percussion
Chris Dawson - Flutes, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Didgeridoo
Camille Raibaud - Fiddle, Guitar

Take a look below at Runes' performance at Cromer Folk Festival 2010.

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To Book Rune contact
Lynne Barnes
AmandaLynne Music
68 The Beeches,

Tel 01270 628041 Mobile 077 900 82523

E-mail: Lynne

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