2012 New Year News and Rumblings

2012 New Year News and Rumblings


2011 started with an excited gathering of like minded folk around Liz Rosenfields dining table and Cheshire Folk was formed over a bowl of fruit and nut mix. Liz and I took on the booking and promoting and our spring opening at the delightful Bickerton Village Hall was preceded by Liz falling from a horse, severing tendons on both hands. She was out of action for the next 6 months, typing with one finger, unable to drive or work.

Rick Sanders Group surprised us as the agent had said they are bringing a girl. Catherine Howe was delighted at being referred to as a girl and I was equally delighted to find she was the Ivor Novello award winner and songwriter of Harry which filled Radio 2 airwaves for years.

Blue Yellows and Zinney were thrilled to air their respective lyrics in such good company.

Zinney is signed with his band Sonnenberg to Probe Plus in Liverpool, probably the oldest remaining independent record label, will be launching a new album this year and will be happy to visit your venue to promote it.. He usually gets invited back, sells a few CDs and makes a few fans.

Needless to say this was a good opening to our series, helped by family, friends, and dog. Rick also gave Munchkin a rendition of How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? .

Future Cheshire Folk events include Tannahill Weavers at Middlewich in February, plus a blues day.

I think it's about time we had a folk showcase tour so if anyone is interested in hosting a showcase night please let me know right away and I will apply for funding to make it something special !

There are rumblings afoot in the folk world which should regenerate interest. Let's be part of it.
The North West Federation of Folk Clubs has development changes on the horizon, and newly formed Folk 21 plans an overhaul of guest booking clubs.

Isnt it great to have the Beeb up North ? Liz is off to the Folk Awards in Salford next month

By Planes Boats And Trains
Rune made a flying visit from France, making perfect house guests and leaving me a bottle of fortified wine from their local chateaux. They also brought some duty free wine to help with the proceeds of a night with Vocal Point as support. Cindy Pascher had us all doing a Breton dance around the village hall tables and someone remarked that Chris Dawsons flute playing surpassed even Brian Finnegan of Flook. It was the best night I had in years and I look forward to their return. https://www.amandalynnemusic.com/index.php?page=bio&display=324

Chris Dawson features in several other bands, including Up Norzh who play and instruct in Breton Dance and Brian McCombe Band who just rock an audience with everything from folk rock to moving ballads. http://www.myspace.com/chrisdawson1/videos/with-the-brian-mccombe-band/105904954

All Chris s bands get the crowd clapping, singing, and loving every single moment and would be an asset to any festival. Why should the rest of Europe have all the fun? http://brianmccombe-band.com/#/videos/4553649044

Also from Brittany, Dom Duff came over to Wales in December and returns briefly in February, so do go and hear him if you are nearby, or let me know if you want to be included in this tour. His contemporary Breton folk music is refreshingly different to the usual UK music.


May Be ?
Anyone enjoyed the music on UK TV Ross Nobles Australian Trip or Irelands Vets on Call 4 ? John Emil from Florida is responsible for the superb Hawaiian slide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8m2o6JD4_M and bottleneck on dobro  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSaVBCnq0O0&feature=feedwll&list=WL.

He has some May dates to fill on his UK tour.

As does home grown shanty singer Chris Ricketts. He is on tour with the full band in May and his modern interpretations of sea shanties show the influence of Portsmouth and his studies on the Sage folk degree.

Miriam Backhouse and I were able to spend some time together on her UK tour and she enlightened me on South African politics life and music, and the possibility of a UK event with South Africans Nibs Van Der Spuy and Guy Buttery.

Mims 2012 UK Tour is May to July and there is an absolutely stunning photograph on her page, taken by Krystina Fitzgerald-Morris.

New and Northern
A few bookings at an acoustic café in led me to the semi acoustic blues of Bowden and Williamson. This amiable duo consists of songwriter Mike Bowden and Animals guitarist Johny Guitar Williamson. They put on a really good show so I am delighted to now be working with them.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka406M-r8xI&feature=related

New North West based talent joining the agency include two acoustic songwriters who have been been working hard, playing support and solo slots . You can see why they are so popular .

Garron Frith

and Phil Maddocks

I met Rick Ford at Red Shift Radio after appearing on a show. Rick is author of a best selling cult series of novels, but prefers the instant gratification of songwriting and performance over shutting himself away for a couple of years to write.a book. His family escaped Armenia to settle in Manchester and his album Smoke and Mirrors includes a song inspired by a return trip to Eastern Europe, just one track from a very intriguing selection delivered Americana style.http://www.rickfordsongwriter.co.uk/americana%20uk%20interactive.html

Also Northern but this time Northern Carolina, USA, Appalachian story teller Gerry Harmon. Jerry tells a fine yarn, and plays lightening fast guitar fresh from the mountains. Jerry loves a British folk audience and I bet he has a tale or two to tell about themhttp://jerryharmon.com/media/

Lancashire band Bandersnatch paid me a visit at Dabbers Session November and proved what a versatile range of well chosen favourite folk and old time music they deliver.https://www.amandalynnemusic.com/index.php?page=bio&display=358Ed McGurk is their hardline traditionalist and has recently produced a solo album of fine quality which I shall listen to often, whilst enjoyng his equally enjoyable written comments. Ed also performs solo

Playing Merry Hell
Songwriter Vin Barrett has joined folk rockers Merry Hell who are nominated for Spiral Earths best band award. She is known in Merry Hell by her married name Virginia Kettle and plays alongside a lot of other Kettles. Her songwriting profile will hopefully brew up as a result, and a review comparing her in Merry Hell to Kirsty McColl is encouraging and is just one facet of many from this talented and charismatic young woman.

Vin Barrett and Stew Lupton also treated Cheshire Folk to their show Joni - Celebrating The Songs of Joni Mitchell and their rendition of Woodstock was unforgettable.

Nantwich Food Festival
was its usual delicious self, with food of dreams, and Wendy Arrowsmith looking very purple as one of our festival buskers, promoting her Life Love And Chocolate album and raising money for Kidney Research. Husband Paul also kindly filled in a performance slot on banjo.https://www.amandalynnemusic.com/index.php?page=bio&display=229

A friend of Phil Hares slapped his back shouting hearty greetings mid song. There is something special and challenging about an intimate close up audience who dont actually notice you are playing unplugged because they approached you from behind! Of course big stars usually have barriers but I like the intimate touch. https://www.amandalynnemusic.com/index.php?page=bio&display=181

Zinney held the civic hall queue with his haunting lyrics, and was of great help bringing PA and flitting from queue to doorway at a moments notice.
Liz Rosenfield was recovered enough to sing with Bob Stamp and son Eddy on fiddle,

Miriam Backhouse kept some toddlers and their parents enthralled and I went home to massage my partners suddenly swollen feet, a side effect of medication shortly after an emergency hospital admission.

I decided at that point that I would not be running so many events in the future, and will be leaving it up to all you other good organisers while I handle the home based calamities. I will of course still be aiding Liz with Cheshire Folk .

AmandaLynne Music and Strictly Dancing
I just couldnt resist applying for Strictly Dancing for St Lukes Hospice. I will be fundraising and selling tickets while making a fool of myself on the dance floor. My dance partner is 30 years younger and can't dance but he's a natural show-off who had rave reviews for his performance in Bugsy Malone when he was 12 so I have high hopes for his performance skills. I can dance but have age and weight as a handicap ! I would love to see you there cheering us on.

All artists linked above are available through the agency.

I wish you all a happy a healthy and prosperous new year,

Lynne x

Tel 077 900 82523

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